Friday, December 30, 2011

Video: Elvis The Crotchety Croc Steals Unsuspecting Lawnmower

Two workers at a reptile park near Sydney, Australia had a narrow escape after a 16 foot, half-ton crocodile named Elvis suddenly lunged at them, making off with their lawnmower and successfully dragging the unsuspecting lawnmower down to his watery lair.  This sort of unruly behavior is not new to Elvis, who apparently has a long record of crocodile conduct unbecoming, in that he has already eaten two girlfriends at another crocodile park where he lived.  According to the Daily Mail, Billy Collett, the employee who was handling the lawn mower, told reporters that it happened very quickly, and that his heart almost jumped out of his chest.“We’d just started mowing, the croc’s sitting about five foot away from me in the water, then [the] next second he’s attached to the end of the mower, dragging it in, and almost taking me into the drink with him," he said.

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